HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Drag Coilover Kit 2020+ Toyota Supra
HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Drag Coilover Kit 2020+ Toyota Supra
HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Drag Coilover Kit 2020+ Toyota Supra
HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Drag Coilover Kit 2020+ Toyota Supra

HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Drag Coilover Kit 2020+ Toyota Supra


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The full-length adjustable suspension allows the stroke ratio (bump touch timing) to be changed without changing the vehicle height. Adjusting the shock length of the rear shock to a shorter value can delay the bump touch timing and increase the nose-up angle. In our internal test, HKS factory shock length settings can perform a shorter drag time. Furthermore, it will have more competitive after the adjusted shock length of vehicle posture properly for the unique vehicle and track. Also, we used launch controls to test for time differences. As a result, it was confirmed that a time of 0 -100 km has an advantage of about 1 second. It was also confirmed that the loss was suppressed by the traction applied to the rear tire in the zone inducing a wheel spin.



  • The stock front strut cannot adjust the camber angle due to it needs to be inserting the lower strut.
    To avoid this, using an adjustment type pillow upper can make the adjustment about 1 degree from the stock mount position instead. At the circuit driving, increasing negative camber decreases understeer. In addition, we used a steel plate to ensure strength.
  • Using HKS traditional inverted type at the front. Of course, the strut-type must ensure high rigidity but the inverted type does not necessarily mean the use of the large main shaft modifications to ensure the rigidity. This allows us to achieve smooth stroking without changing gas pressure.
    To ensure the stroking amount and height adjustable range, HKS designed a special outer cover.
  • The rear upper mount used billet aluminum with laser marking and also did weight-saving modifications without losing strength.
  • Single Tube
  • 30 Levels Adjustable Damping
  • Shock-body Length Adjustable
  • Inverted Type (Front)
  • Pillow Upper Mount
  • Camber Angle Adjustable (Front)
  • Special Oil
  • PNE Coating
  • Overhaul Available
  • Spec. Change Available


  • GR Supra has a launch control to allow an excellent start. However, the stock suspension is set to assure traction in front and rear for multiple situations. The MAX IV SP DRAG is specifically designed to provide traction on the rear tire and maintain that traction.
  • Bump rubber is attached to the rear shock in order to cope with the higher power and higher grip expected in the future. Bump rubber has the effect of another spring.
  • The special billet aluminum upper plate at the rear shock was made lightweight after identifying the part that needs strength.
  • The straight wound spring is used at both front and rear allowing to easily change spring rates.


  • Spring Rate [N/mm(kgf/mm)]: F=59(6) | R=98(10)
  • Spring Length (mm): F=200 (straight wound) | R=250 (straight wound)
  • Height at Factory (Upper-Lower): F=-22 (-17 to -65) | R=-20 (-12 to -75)
  • Upper Mount: F=Pillow | R=Pillow
  • Upper Mount Assy before Shipment: No
  • Spring Rate Change at Factory: F=Yes | R=Yes

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