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Katapult Buy now, pay later. No credit required!
Katapult Buy now, pay later. No credit required!



We started with an idea, an idea to do something for the car community, and that idea gave birth to Envision Tuning. Originating from Hartford, CT, Envision Tuning is summed up by one word Family.

We started from the ground up in 2020 overcoming hardship due to a global pandemic. Being in the car community ourselves, we realized that pricing wasn't fair across the board. With a short search you could tell prices for products varied depending on where you shopped. Our loyalty is with the car community. We strive to give the best and fairest prices on the products available. It's our way to pass on savings to the community that we are deeply connected to. Here at Envision Tuning we want to create a Family. We want to build a connection with our customers instead of letting them become just another number.