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Katapult Buy now, pay later. No credit required!


Advan RG-D2 18x8.5 +45 5x114.3 Machining & Racing Hyper Black

by Advan
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The new 1-piece RG-D2 models come with distinctive features that set them apart. These include the reintroduction of the step-rim form combined with three variations of concave spokes, all presented in a classic 6-spoke design. This design concept pays homage to the original RG line, effectively blending the heritage of the past with cutting-edge technology and contemporary design trends.

The outer rim of these wheels is adorned with diamond machining, lending them an aesthetic reminiscent of two-piece wheel structures. Despite their one-piece construction, the wheels carry a step-rim appearance that offers a nod to the visual appeal of two-piece wheels. This unique design does not compromise on essential attributes like stiffness, strength, and lightweight properties, which are characteristic of one-piece wheel structures.

Additionally, the step of the rims features ADVAN Racing JAPAN MADE FLOW FORMING logos that are applied using a thermal-transfer method. This logo application ensures that the wheels are immediately recognizable as ADVAN Racing products, reflecting the brand's reputation for quality and performance.

As for the traditional six spokes that define the RG design, they undergo side cut machining in line with the latest trends in ADVAN Racing technology. The addition of advanced side cut swoops between two spokes, devoid of any joins, adds a dynamic visual element to the wheel's design.

To encapsulate, the new 1-piece RG-D2 models offer a blend of vintage inspiration and modern innovation. The incorporation of the step-rim form, concave spokes, and diamond machining on the outer rim reflects a synthesis of classic design cues with contemporary trends and advanced manufacturing techniques. The ADVAN Racing logos on the rims reinforce the wheels' authenticity, while the side cut machining and advanced swoops between spokes contribute to the wheels' dynamic and forward-looking design.

***Wheel Sold Individually