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Katapult Buy now, pay later. No credit required!


Advan TC4 18x8.5 +31 5x114 Racing Black Gunmetallic & Ring

by Advan
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The TC-4 stands as the flagship wheel for enthusiasts within the Advan Racing lineup. Crafted with racing enthusiasts in mind, this wheel is engineered to endure the demanding conditions often associated with r-compound or slick tires. Its robust design ensures it can withstand the rigorous stresses of high-performance driving. Built with a Flow Formed cast construction, the TC-4 is primed for durability and performance. 

The latest offering in the TC-4 lineup introduces a fully redesigned concept—a full-face 5-spoke wheel. This new design takes a departure from the typical GT wheel aesthetics. With elongated spokes, a design uncommon in GT wheels, the 5 spokes exude a fresh and heightened visual appeal, exuding strength and modernity.

The TC-4's design incorporates side cuts strategically placed only on the crotch of the spokes and their outer ends. This design choice ensures maximum strength, achieved through a meticulous strength analysis, while still benefiting from the advantage of lightweight construction. This approach results in optimal visual balance between the width and height of the spokes.

The ADVAN Racing logo is cast directly onto the rim between the spokes, with lettering that stands over 1mm high. After the painting process, additional surface processing is applied to the letters, ensuring a refined and precise appearance. Furthermore, a special spoke sticker featuring the new TC-4 logos is provided, adding a distinctive touch to the wheel's overall presentation.

***Wheel Sold Individually***