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APR Brake Cooling Kit w/ Carbon Fiber Bezels 2018-2021 STI

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The APR Brake Cooling Ducts are designed to enhance brake cooling on vehicles, especially for track or high-performance driving situations. Here's an overview of their key features and functions:


  1. Aerodynamic Optimization: The brake cooling ducts are designed with an aerodynamic shape that "funnels in" a large volume of air. This design takes advantage of the venturi effect, where the increase in vehicle speed results in higher pressure and velocity as air moves from the larger frontal area to the narrower pipe section of the brake duct.

  2. Venturi Effect: As the vehicle's speed increases, the ducted air gains kinetic energy due to the narrowing passage. This results in increased air pressure and velocity, which can effectively direct cooling air to the brake rotors.

  3. Cooling Brake Rotors: By directing fresh air towards the brake rotors, the brake cooling ducts help dissipate excessive heat generated during heavy braking, preventing brake fade and maintaining consistent brake performance, especially on the track where repeated heavy braking occurs.


  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The brake cooling ducts are constructed using pre-preg carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials. This material choice offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to both durability and performance.

  • UV Resistant Coating: The brake cooling ducts are finished with a clear-coat UV-resistant paint. This coating helps protect the carbon fiber from environmental conditions, maintaining its appearance and durability over time.

  • Component Autoclave Formation: The components are formed in an autoclave at high temperatures using pre-preg carbon fiber manufacturing processes. This results in a high-quality product with consistent performance characteristics.

Function and Benefits:

APR Brake Cooling Ducts serve the purpose of channeling a significant amount of cool air towards the brake rotors to prevent overheating and maintain braking performance during demanding driving situations, such as track days or aggressive driving.

It's important to note that such components are primarily designed for enthusiasts who engage in performance driving and track activities. They might not be necessary or optimal for everyday street driving. When considering the installation of aftermarket components like brake cooling ducts, it's recommended to consult with professionals who are experienced with vehicle modifications to ensure proper fitment and performance.