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APR GTC-200 Carbon Fiber Wing 2022-2023 BRZ / 2022-2023 GR86

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Introducing the New GTC-200 Adjustable Wing, a high-performance aerodynamic solution designed to provide the perfect amount of downforce for midsize and compact cars. With its impressive span of 60.5 inches and a height of 10 inches, this adjustable wing delivers optimal performance and stability.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight and Durable Construction: The GTC-200 adjustable wing is constructed from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials. This lightweight yet durable material ensures superior strength and low weight, contributing to improved aerodynamic performance.

  2. Pre-Pregnated Woven Carbon Fiber Sheets: Each GTC Series airfoil contains pre-pregnated woven carbon fiber sheets, further enhancing its strength and rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. This advanced manufacturing technique ensures exceptional performance and reliability.

  3. High-Quality Manufacturing Processes: The CFRP airfoils are made using pre-pregnated composite manufacturing processes, including high-temperature autoclave and vacuum bagging. These advanced techniques guarantee precise and consistent construction, resulting in a top-quality product.

  4. Sturdy Aircraft Grade Aluminum Pedestals: Supporting the airfoils are 10mm "aircraft grade" 6061 billet aluminum pedestals. These pedestals offer excellent strength and stability, ensuring the wing performs optimally even under high-speed conditions. The flat black powder coat finish adds a touch of style to the overall design.

Note: The mounting bases of the GTC-200 adjustable wing sit at the edges of the trunk lid, providing secure and effective placement.

Upgrade your midsize or compact car with the New GTC-200 Adjustable Wing and experience the benefits of enhanced downforce and stability. This wing's cutting-edge design, lightweight materials, and precise construction ensure a high-performance aerodynamic solution for your vehicle. Trust in the superior engineering and craftsmanship of the GTC-200 adjustable wing for an improved driving experience on the road or the track.