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Honda / Acura 2.0T P700 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade

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The PRL Motorsports P700 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade is a high-performance aftermarket turbocharger designed for Honda and Acura 2.0L Turbo platforms, particularly the K20C engines. Here are the key features and details of this turbocharger upgrade:

Performance and Capabilities:

  • The P700 turbocharger offers significant power potential, with capabilities of reaching 600+ horsepower on Honda's 2.0L Turbo K20C engines.
  • Despite the high power potential, the P700 turbocharger is designed to maintain spool characteristics, ensuring good low-end response and minimal turbo lag.

Construction and Materials:

  • The turbocharger utilizes a billet 304 stainless steel dual ceramic ball bearing CHRA (center housing and rotating assembly). This construction not only reduces weight but also enhances durability.
  • The use of ceramic ball bearings can contribute to quicker spool and improved response compared to traditional journal bearings.

Compatibility and Retention of Factory Components:

  • Factory oil and coolant lines are retained, ensuring a seamless installation process.
  • The factory bypass valve and wastegate actuator are also retained, minimizing the need for additional modifications.

Cooling Enhancement:

  • The CHRA features a larger water jacket, contributing to increased cooling capacity. This can be crucial for managing heat and ensuring consistent performance.

Compressor Wheel and Turbine Wheel:

  • The High Efficiency compressor wheel is designed for optimal spool and power. It's taller than many billet compressor wheel upgrades and incorporates aerodynamic features like a tapered tip exducer and cutback design on blade top edge.
  • The High Efficiency Turbine Wheel also features advanced aerodynamics for optimal spool and power.

Wastegate Actuator:

  • A larger wastegate actuator bore is utilized, which can help lower backpressure and contribute to efficient turbocharger operation.

The PRL Motorsports P700 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade is designed to offer a significant increase in power output while maintaining good spool characteristics. This makes it a popular choice for enthusiasts looking to extract more performance from their Honda and Acura 2.0L Turbo engines. As with any aftermarket turbocharger upgrade, it's recommended to follow the manufacturer's installation guidelines and consult with professionals experienced in turbocharger modifications for optimal results.

Fits all 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type-R FK8
Fits all 2023+ Honda Civic Type-R FL5

Fits all 2018+ Honda Accord 2.0T
Fits all 2019+ Acura RDX 2.0T
Fits all 2021+ Acura TLX 2.0T