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SSR Professor SP5 3P 19"

SKU SSR Professor SP5 3P 19"
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The Professor SP5 Wheel is a remarkable hybrid 3-piece wheel created using SSR's renowned SSF (Semi-Solid Forging) process. This wheel design incorporates an outer rim, inner rim, and center disc, allowing for a wide range of offsets and ensuring a precise fit for your specific vehicle.

3-Piece Design: The wheel consists of three main components - the outer rim, inner rim, and center disc. This modular construction is a characteristic of many high-performance wheels and offers greater flexibility in offset options.

Heat Treated Inner Rim: The inner rim undergoes a heat treatment process known as HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture). This strengthens the inner rim while allowing the use of thinner materials, which helps reduce overall wheel weight. Heat treatment enhances the material's properties, making it more durable.

Weight Optimization: The wheel is designed with a focus on achieving low weight without compromising strength. To achieve this, different sections of the wheel are engineered using various grades and thicknesses of aluminum tailored to their specific functions. This ensures the optimal balance between weight reduction and structural integrity.

Racing Heritage: SSR, as a company, has a strong racing heritage, and this expertise is evident in the design and engineering of the Professor SP5 Wheel. The use of advanced manufacturing processes and materials reflects their commitment to performance and quality.

Super Lightweight and High Strength: The combination of the three-piece construction, heat-treated inner rim, and carefully selected materials results in a wheel that is not only exceptionally lightweight but also exceptionally strong. This balance is crucial for high-performance and racing applications.


Width Range :

19x7.0 ~ 19x12.5



Finishes : High Bright Silver / High Metal Bronze

Optional Finishes  White / Flat Black / Gunmetal / Flat Gunmetal / Black / Flat Silver / Diamond Silver / Touring Gold / Flare Bronze / Flat Flare Bronze /  Prism Dark Gunmetal / Light Yellow / Pink / Mint Green / Marine Blue / Blue Gunmetal / Crystal Silver / Titan Silver / Flat Gold / Spectrum Silver / Super Black Coat

Barrel Finish : Anodized Polished 

Optional Outer Barrel Finish : Silver / Gunmetal / Gold / Flat Black / Bronze Clear / Black Anodized / Anodized

Optional Inner Barrel Finish : Bronze / Gunmetal / Black Anodized 

Pierce Bolt Standard ColorPolished

Optional Pierce Bolt ColorsGold / Chrome

 Standard PCD Bolt Pattern : 5x100 / 5x114

Optional PCD :  4x98 / 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x120

Wheel Construction :

3 piece 


19" Prices Start At $1030 Each


Please See Link Below to view available Color Options and Width / Offset Specs available: 

SSR SP5 Spec Sheet

SSR SP5 Color Option Sheet


Please contact us to request pricing and spec. Our knowledgeable sales staff can work with you to help you spec out your multi piece wheels tailored to your fitment needs for your vehicle. Pricing will vary depending on specification. Pricing shown is for entry level options and spec.

***All Multipiece Wheels are SPECIAL ORDER. Due to wheels being specifically custom built, the manufacturer and Envision Tuning does not accept any Cancelations, Returns, or Exchanges once the order has been submitted to the manufacturer.