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Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Type-D Catback Exhaust 2013-2023 BRZ / 2013-2016 FRS / 2017-2021 86 / 2022-2023 GR86

by Tomei
SKU TB6090-SB05B
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Introducing the stunning dual-exit rendition of the popular titanium catback system for the 86/BRZ platform by Tomei. With all the exceptional features you know and love from Tomei, they have truly outdone themselves with this performance-focused exhaust.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance Focus: The Tomei titanium catback exhaust is engineered with one goal in mind: performance. Starting with the very best raw materials, they have stripped down the weight significantly compared to the stock exhaust, enhancing the vehicle's overall performance.

  2. Lightweight Titanium Construction: Tomei's choice of titanium over steel not only reduces weight but also ensures durability and strength. By minimizing bends and using lightweight materials, this exhaust system delivers an exhilarating driving experience.

  3. Straight Piping Design: The exhaust is designed with straight piping to optimize exhaust gas flow, providing improved engine responsiveness and potential horsepower gains.

  4. Weight-Saving Spring and Clamp Setup: To further reduce weight, Tomei has incorporated a weight-saving spring and clamp setup, eliminating the extra weight that traditional flanges add.

  5. Impressive Design: Beyond its performance capabilities, the Tomei catback exhaust also features an eye-catching design. The massive 80.5" piping diameter, split dual muffler, and 115mm single-wall burnt tips add an aggressive and sporty look to your 86/BRZ.

Additional Specifications:

  • Piping Diameter: 80.5" (3.2 Inches)
  • Y-Pipe Diameter: 76.3mm (3.0 Inches)
  • Burnt Tips Diameter: 115mm (4.5 Inches)
  • Flange Type: Spring/Clamp Slip Joint

This Tomei titanium catback exhaust not only delivers outstanding performance but also provides bragging rights for any automotive enthusiast. With its full titanium construction and impressive weight reduction, this exhaust system is a must-have upgrade for those seeking both performance and aesthetics. Enhance your driving experience and enjoy the distinct Tomei quality and craftsmanship in this exceptional exhaust system.