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Weds Adventure Hase Spec II 17 X 8.5 -6 6-139.7 Light Gun Metallic

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Introducing the WedsSport Hase Spec II. This 5 spoke  wheel embodies Weds Co. Ltd's commitment to excellence in motorsports.

Established in 1984, WedsSport is the pinnacle of Weds Co. Ltd's involvement in motorsports. With extensive experience in various racing classes, from Gr. A and JTCC to the esteemed GT500 class, WedsSport has leveraged the demands of competitive racing to refine and perfect their wheel designs. Through rigorous testing on racecars, WedsSport has gathered invaluable data, empowering their engineers to develop innovative technologies and world-class wheels suitable for both street and professional applications.

Features and Benefits of Hase Spec II:

  1. Advanced Anti-Fouling Technology: The Hase Spec II features an innovative antifouling clear coating. By incorporating inorganic particles uniformly into the coating film, it minimizes the contact area between contaminants and the coating, effectively reducing the adhesion of pollutants. This makes cleaning and dirt removal much easier.

  2. Weight Reduction with Side Cuts: The wheel design includes strategically placed side cuts that contribute to significant weight reduction. This not only enhances the overall performance but also improves handling and maneuverability.

  3. AMF Manufacturing Method for Optimal Performance: The Hase Spec II utilizes a cutting-edge manufacturing method called "AMF" (Advanced Metal Forming) to achieve the perfect balance of weight reduction, strength, and design on the disk surface. The process involves casting the disc surface first and then forming the rim. The rim is then rolled using a specialized spinning machine, resulting in a high-rigidity rim that combines essential properties like tensile strength, proof stress, and elongation. Compared to conventional methods that involve welding plate materials into a ring, the AMF method enables the creation of a seamless and highly accurate rim.

  4. Lightweight and Unsprung Load Reduction: Thanks to the AMF manufacturing process, the Hase Spec II achieves an exceptionally lightweight design. The disc surface is cast using conventional molding techniques, while the rim is spun to the minimum necessary thickness, maintaining design flexibility. This not only reduces weight but also minimizes unsprung load, enhancing the overall performance and responsiveness of the wheel.

Note: Please be aware that the actual color may slightly vary depending on the monitor environment. The valve stem is included with the product.